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Джалилова Нилуфар Дильшодовна
Ташкентский Педиатрический Медицинский Институт, Узбекистан
преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков

Статья посвящена применению наглядных материалов в учебном процессе. Существуют множество наглядных пособий для обучения иностранному языку: картинки, графические органайзеры, презентации, карты и т.д., автор предлагает свои.

Ключевые слова: графические органайзеры, диаграмма, презентации, различия, сходства


Djalilova Nilufar Dilshodovna
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Uzbekistan
Teacher of Foreign Languages Department

This article is devoted to the using of visual aids in teaching process. We know, that there are a lot of visual aids in teaching foreign language: pictures, graphic organizers, presentations, charts etc.

Keywords: diagram, differences, graphic organizers, presentations, similarities

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Джалилова Н.Д. Using visual aids in teaching english // Современная педагогика. 2014. № 5 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://pedagogika.snauka.ru/2014/05/2306 (дата обращения: 14.05.2024).

We can’t imagine teaching process without visuаl aids. Using visual aids such as pictures, graphic organizers, charts, video and computers can help students easily understand and realize the main points they have learnt at the lesson. For each visual aid, students have different responses, and expressions because of their different educational and cultural background. Using visual aids can help learners understand the deep meaning of a topic and realize similarities and differences between each topic. In learning foreign language using visual aids is a main teaching strategy . We know that memorizing language forms and words is a difficult process. In ELT classroom using visual aids can help students to strengthen and reinforce what they have learnt. The reason may be that they allow students to absorb the information through an additional sensory perception.

If teachers use visual aids regularly, students will expect to learn the next language topic by using visual aids, because each visual aid for them is an interesting learning tool. Facilitating an interesting learning environment can enhance students’ English abilities and this is a major goal for English teachers.
These aids allow students to have a chance to brainstorm and present their ideas or thoughts. They can create their own stories in which there are no right or wrong answers. Furthermore, they can also participate in group work such as paired reading or small group activity. They will have the opportunities to create their own stories that depend on their background experience. In group work they can discuss the similarities and the differences between each person’s interpretation of a picture.
Visual aids help teachers’ presentations and objectives by placing emphasis on whatever is being thought. Clear visual aids multiply learners’ level of understanding of the material presented, and they can send clear messages and clarify points from teachers. Moreover, they can involve the audience by providing a change from one activity to another, and from hearing to seeing. In addition, learners are more fascinated by gestures and movements in the classroom. Also visual aids impact and add interest to a presentation. The can create excitement. Visual aids enable learners to use more than one sense at the same time. One picture could elicit unlimited words.
As for me , in my lessons I try to use various visual aids. Graphic organizers is a very effective in our lessons. Students are always involved doing Cluster, Vienna Diagram, classification chart, T scheme and others. As I teach medical students most of our topics are connected with medicine. So if the topic is Skeleton I suggest students to make Cluster according the topic. If our topics are diseases, for example, Alimentary tract diseases, students can create Vienna diagram.

Vienna diagram

On the first circle students write pecularites of gastric ulcer(symptoms, clinic manifestations etc), on the other they write these features of chronic gastritis. In the centre they should write the similarities of both diseases.
At the end of the work we discuss and analyse every one’s diagrams. Of course every our lesson follows by presentation to the topic. In our department there are a great numbers of multimedia presentations. Some of them are made by students. Clear presentations on themes Respiratory tract, Wellness and Health triangle, Jaundice, the Diseases of Liver and Bile Ducts and, many others are the main addition to our topics. Students learn the topic performed by teacher with great interest. They participate during group works actively. In some lessons we perform videos connected to topic.
Using films in teaching process is effective also. In first year students by our curriculum we have a topic Journeys. After learning a unit we have a task – film about Journeys. Students are fond of such kind of tasks. They watch a film and do several tasks according to it. This kind of occupation is very useful and interesting. Learners memorize the topic better and they are fully engaged. Of course it is a good way to pronounce English words correctly, because of listening native speaker’s speech. They watch and comprehend given paragraph.
Teaching language by the means of visual aids helps both teacher and students. Students take an active participation in the lesson. He/she are greatly interested in learning topic, do the tasks and comprehend the given material. As a conclusion we can add that using visual aids in teaching English is unalterable part of each ELT language.

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