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Starodubtseva Irina Alexandrovna1, Tsvetikova Lubov Nikolaevna2, Berlevа Svetlana Yuryevna3, Plotnikova Irina Egorovna4
1Voronezh State Medical University, Ph.D., Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics
2Voronezh State Medical University, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Head of the department of clinical laboratory diagnostics, Research Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine
3Voronezh State Medical University, Ph.D., Assistant of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Institute of additional professional education
4Voronezh State Medical University, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Institute of additional professional education

Problems of moral education and personal development are considered in different organizational forms. They include different tools and techniques based on the use of diverse psycho-pedagogical and social technologies. Moral development of the individual depends on the nature of social conditions and education. They are formed due to moral and human empathy through psychological and pedagogical techniques in socio-cultural space. The most important socio-psychological problem of moral character education is to form a stable, dominant, defining an act of moral relations. As part of the educational process, relationship skills, and hence the formation of spiritual and moral potential can be reflected in the competent approach. Methods of active learning of a particular academic discipline aim at the formation of professional competencies, the development of personal qualities of future specialists. In addition, the students acquire the ability to search, and the ability to effectively implement the tasks, group work, step by step, going through stages of creation. Methods of active learning can be different: research projects, thematic contests, competitions, conferences, business games, KVN. Moreover, students can take part in the trainings of personal growth and negotiations independent research in the field of communications, the development of the basic principles of rhetoric (target-oriented performance, development of strategy and tactics of speech). Innovative educational and psycho-social educational technology can provide invaluable assistance to a person in the process of self-development, the formation of a holistic thinking, intellectual abilities, creative imagination, that is a moral potential of the individual.

Article reference:
Psycho-pedagogical recommendations for development of the medical high school student’s moral level // Modern pedagogy. 2015. № 12 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://pedagogika.snauka.ru/en/2015/12/5107

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