Author: Балалаева Елена Юрьевна

Articles of the author in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Электронный словарь: сущность, структура, классификации

№ 4 April 2014

Иерархические классификации электронных средств обучения

№ 4 April 2015

Модель использования электронного пособия в обучении латинскому языку

№ 9 September 2017

Articles of the author in journal «Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management»

Balalajeva O.Y. Content of latin plant names

May, 2015

Articles of the author in journal «Economics and Innovations Management»

Balalaieva O.Y. Classical roots in popular brand names

August, 2019

Balalaieva O.Y. Economy, business and finance in the taxonomy Media Topic

November, 2021

Articles of the author in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Balalajeva O.Y. Positive and negative aspects of electronic textbooks

August, 2014

Balalaieva O.Y. Teaching anatomical terminology using electronic textbook

June, 2018

Balalaieva O.Y. The implementation of the durability of knowledge’ principle in electronic educational resources

August, 2019

Balalaieva O.Y. The history of the origin of biological nomenclature

July, 2020

Эволюция электронных словарей

February, 2021

Balalaieva O.Y. Methods of organizing educational activities of students in learning Latin using an electronic educational resource

March, 2021

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Balalajeva O.Y. Implementation of visualization principle in e-learning tools

July, 2014

Balalaieva O.Y. Etymology and formation of Latin indifferent botanical terms

September, 2017

Balalaieva O.Y. Using electronic textbook in teaching clinical terminology

June, 2018

Концепт «массмедиа» в таксономии Media Topics

August, 2019

Balalajeva O.Y. Conceptual stage of designing an electronic dictionary

March, 2021

Balalaieva O.Y. Introduction of bioethical aspects in modern journalistic education

August, 2021

Balalaieva O.Y. Topic «Politics» in the News Codes

January, 2022

Articles of the author in journal «Philology and Literature»

Balalajeva O.Y. Specific features of the latin language teaching methods at аgrobiological faculties

July, 2014

Balalajeva O.Y. On the issue of latin and languages for special purposes

April, 2015

Articles of the author in journal «Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy»

Balalajeva O.Y. Electronic resources for the study of Latin

April, 2014

Balalajeva O.Y. Integrative relations of Latin language course in the training of veterinary students

February, 2015

Balalajeva O.Y. Functional characteristics of printed and e-learning tools

May, 2015

Методика обучения фонетике и грамматике латинского языка при помощи электронного учебника

September, 2017

Balalaieva O.Y. Methodical techniques of using the electronic textbook in the training of veterinary students in pharmaceutical terminology

June, 2018

Articles of the author in journal «Modern Technics and Technologies»

Balalajeva O.Y. Information technologies as a factor of modernization of education

April, 2015