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Разработка и внедрение активных методов обучения в учебный процесс при изучении дисциплины «Экологические основы природопользования»

№ 8 (33) August 2015

Активные методы обучения в сочетании с самостоятельной работой как средство формирования общих и профессиональных компетенций обучающихся

№ 8 (45) August 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Rusanova E.I. Features of pedagogical activity on overcoming negative tendencies in the Russian language in educational process in secondary vocational schools

February, 2014

Kulikova E.A. Effective in-house training is the basis for professional development of staff

January, 2016

Razhova N.A., Yakimova A.S., Korobova E.V., Prokhorova M.P. The use of gaming technology in career-oriented activities

October, 2016

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Malinina I.A. Realization of a training program on the english language in non-linguistic university according to the requirements of federal educational standard

November, 2013

Zakharova O.O. Aspects of pupils` intercultural value orientations formation in the process of foreign languages teaching

February, 2016

Проектная деятельность обучающихся: понятие, сущность, виды проектов

January, 2021

Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Poliakova G.G. Development and introduction of active teaching methods for learning “Ecological bases of nature using” special subject

August, 2015

Poliakova G.G. Active methods of education in combination with independent work as instrument of development of student’s common and special competences

August, 2016