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Инновационные методы и приемы при изучении басни «Волк и Ягненок» в кыргызской школе

№ 4 April 2016

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Chaplak Y., Marchuk M. Role of critical thinking in search of creative internal fork souls personality

August, 2011

Chaplak Y., Garkavenko N.V., Soliychuk I., Marchuk M. Role of critical thinking in use of constructive kinds of influences and counteracting the influence of

September, 2011

Terno S.O. The Critical Thinking Conception in Foreign Pedagogics

August, 2013

Terno S.O. Is the critical thinking in the school a medieval backwardness?

September, 2013

Getmanova S.L. Socialization of student body as an important factor and inseparable part of a process of modernization of health care system

April, 2015

Kiryushkina V.A., Lazarchuk D.K. Blended learning as a major direction in professionally-oriented education

October, 2016

Kartashova E.A., Tolmachev V.G. Ethical-legal interpretation of notions “good” and “evil”, “use” and “harm”, “truth” and “lie” in the context of medical activity

March, 2017

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Terno S.O. The Critical Thinking development is optimal way of History teaching

August, 2013

Terno S.O. Ideas' evolution: reflexive thinking – critical thinking – metacognitive development

October, 2013

Terno S.O. Critical Thinking Teaching: Is It "Exotic means" or Nontrivial Problem Solving?

January, 2014

Balykhina T.M., Kurilenko V.B., Netesina M.S., Novikova A.K. Research linguodidactics of the Russian language: approaches and methods, strategies, techniques and tools

July, 2016