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Профилактика безнадзорности и правонарушений несовершеннолетних: тестовые задания

№ 6 June 2014

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Габбасова И.Н. Обзор основных преимуществ тестовой технологии контроля знаний

June, 2012

Nikiforov O.Y., Koksharova E.I. Complex of attributes classification systems for computer testing

June, 2013

Rakhmankulova G.A., Mustafina D.A. Organization of education - research project in mathematics «Act Oxford»

August, 2013

Shemetev A.A. Tests as an effective tool for verifying knowledge of high school students

February, 2014

Bazhenov R.I., Mokhno D.Y. On the development of the information system for registration assessment tools at the University

May, 2014

Bicheva I.B. Using Moodle enhanced the efficiency of educational activities

May, 2015

Wexler V.A. The emergence testology

May, 2015

Методика "несуществующее животное" как способ диагностики личностных особенностей

December, 2017

Конструктор тестов «Easy Quizzy» - как контроль знаний учащихся

November, 2020

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Nikiforov O.Y. Use of adaptive computer-based testing systems

April, 2014

Zekeriaev R.I. Aggression as a structural component of a virtual identity

July, 2015

Mineeva O.A., Klopova Y.V., Oladyshkina A.A. Test control in „English“ in the non-linguistic high school

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Dronova E.N. Content and methodology of social and educational activities: test items

February, 2015

Sturikova M.V. Module on Russian as a foreign language in the comprehensive exam for migrants

August, 2015