UDC 372.882


Chugunova Natalya Petrovna
State budget educational institution of the Samara region secondary school village Koshki Koshkinsky municipal district of Samara region
teacher of Russian language and literature

The course program is developed on the material of literary works by writers Koshkinsky area, as well as study materials and combines literature as an art of expression and regional studies .The course contributes to the formation of humanistic values pupils, so it can be used in the educational work of the teacher. It provides for the formation of skills in reading culture, self-analytical and interpretive work with artistic text. The program involves the formation of students' ideas about Koshkinsky area as a historical and cultural region in the context of Russian national culture.

Article reference:
The program is an elective course «Singers land of Koshki» // Modern pedagogy. 2014. № 5 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://pedagogika.snauka.ru/en/2014/05/2407

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