UDC 378.1; 371.3


Kamzarakov Andrey Sergeevich
Novokuznetsk institute filial by Kemerovo State University

The article identifies the determinants and models of "socialization of the individual" category, describes the theory and practice of the basics of socialization in sport, isolated pedagogical conditions of socialization in sport. Quality of socialization in the sport depends on the quality meet the challenges "want, I can not, there is." The socialization and personal fulfillment are linked. In the model of socialization of the individual components are defined in two sports - adaptive and acmepedagogical. Opportunities and adaptive acmepedagogical development and socialization of the person determined by the specific identity and the established powers in the model of socio-professional and educational and recreational relations. The quality of the inclusion of the individual in social relations defines socialization, which is seen as a product of the system of choice of the individual and society as a unification of the terms of cooperation, interaction and communication.

Keywords: adaptive knowledge, health, humanism, pedagogical modeling, physical education, self-realization, socialization, sports

Article reference:
Some opportunities and pedagogical conditions of socialization in sport // Modern pedagogy. 2017. № 3 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://pedagogika.snauka.ru/en/2017/03/6855

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