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Articles in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Социализация обучающегося ДЮСШ: детерминации и возможности

№ 1 January 2016

Физическая культура личности студентов Высших учебных заведений

№ 3 March 2016

Некоторые возможности и педагогические условия социализации личности в спорте

№ 3 March 2017

Специфика выявления и детерминации педагогических условий социализации личности в спорте

№ 3 March 2017

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Bukreev A.A., Lavrushina E.G. Information support in the fitness industry

May, 2015

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Bocharova K.N., Lobanova E.M., Lavrushina E.G. Information technology in the implementation of the tourism product in the sports - health services

October, 2014

Zakaryan G.A. Comparative analysis and methods of manufacturing protective sports mouthguards and splints for athletes

September, 2016

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Nassimov M.O. The main functions of sports in development of the international relations

April, 2013

Sazonova J.O. The concept of sport as a policy and its implementation in the media

February, 2014

Makarenko V.K., Belousova I.B. The relationship of sport and art

February, 2015