Author: Хомко Олег Иосифович

Articles of the author in journal «Modern pedagogy»

Оптимизация учебного процесса при изучении общей хирургии в условиях кредитно-модульной системы

№ 1 January 2014

Peculiarities of educational process under conditions of credit-module system while studying surgery by 5-6th year students on specialties "general medicine" and "pediatrics"

№ 3 March 2014

Quality assessment the effectiveness of learning of pediatrics at different stages of educational process (results of correlation and multifactor analysis)

№ 1 January 2015

Optimization of Educational Process in Learning Сlinical nursing in surgery under Conditions of Credit-Module System

№ 2 February 2015

The problem of estimation (diagnostics) of the competence of medical students, interns and advanced training course learners

№ 3 March 2015

Die kontrolle der lehrequalität und ihre besonderheiten in den modernen bedingungen

№ 9 September 2016