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Основные аспекты педагогического феномена формирования профессиональных компетенций у курсантов военных вузов

№ 4 April 2014

Quality assessment the effectiveness of learning of pediatrics at different stages of educational process (results of correlation and multifactor analysis)

№ 1 January 2015

Необходимость введения в образовательные стандарты понятия «организационно-педагогическая компетенция»

№ 2 February 2015

The problem of estimation (diagnostics) of the competence of medical students, interns and advanced training course learners

№ 3 March 2015

Роль мотивации в формировании прогностической компетентности у студентов медицинского вуза

№ 7 July 2015

Понятие компетенции в образовательном стандарте третьего поколения

№ 8 August 2015

Рефлексивная компетентность современного педагога как фактор, влияющий на качество образовательного процесса

№ 1 January 2016

Learning objectives of foreign language teaching in modern competence-based paradigm

№ 7 July 2016

Творческий подход в формировании прогностической компетентности у студентов медицинского вуза

№ 12 December 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Ostapenko R.I. The correctness of the application of quantitative methods in psychological and educational research

July, 2011

Vasilchenko L.S. Professional competence of the expert of a preschool education on a problem of museum pedagogics: a reality and development prospects

January, 2012

Ostapenko R.I. Formation of mathematical competence of students-economists

February, 2013

Yegorikhina S.Y. Formation of the communicative sphere of young scientists

March, 2013

Ostapenko R.I. Methodical aspects of forming of information and mathematical competence of students of humanitarian specialties

May, 2013

Makenev A.F. The institutional aspect of the study of pedagogical profession

August, 2013

Koshevenko S.V. Formation of competence of the educational manager by means of training technologies

September, 2013

Vvedenskiy V.N. University education in the polistylistic culture

October, 2013

Nigmatzyanova G.H. The essence of the concept of «competence» and «competency»

November, 2013

Khodos O.S., Bazhenov R.I. The training of three-dimensional modeling in Unity3D

June, 2014

Rudykina A.A., Ostapenko G.S., Ostapenko R.I. Experimental research of empathic abilities students of the medical College – future nurses

August, 2014

Khan O.N., Schelokova A.A. Formation of the language competence of the expert in the study of the transport sector discipline «Russian language and culture of speech»

August, 2014

Akhmadiev G.M. Scientific basis and principles of anti-stress technology training students

January, 2015

Syamrikova A.I., Gilmanova A.I., Rabtsevich A.A. Development of psychological and professional competence of employees by business games

March, 2015

Sokolova A.S. Prerequisites for the formation of online communities of students and employers in the field of marketing communications

June, 2015

Ahmedova M.M. Professional-methodical competence of the medical high school teacher

October, 2015

Velikanov V.S., Abdrakhmanov A.A., Safin G.G. Improvement of a technique of an assessment of competence of the personnel of aspect of management of intellectual potential of the mining enterprises

November, 2015

Prakhova M.Y., Zaichenko N.V., Iskhakova G.I. Some problems of Evaluation of professional competences’ formation for students of technical training areas

June, 2016

Stepanova E.G., Maykova E.N. Development of the student's knowledge base on the basis of ISO 9001-2015

December, 2016

Kulikova E.A. Training in the process of training for future professional activity in conditions of uncertainty

December, 2016

О формировании языковой компетентности (из опыта преподавания)

October, 2017

Модель механизма подготовки и переподготовки государственных служащих Российской Федерации

December, 2019

Особенности профессиональной подготовки государственных и муниципальных служащих в Российской Федерации

January, 2020

Готовность педагога к профессиональной деятельности

January, 2020

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Dzyubenko O.L., Kozhenkov A.O., Pyshnograev D.V. Formation of professional competence of future military experts

September, 2011

Osobov I.P. Pedagogical creativity and competence as factors in the professional development of students

November, 2011

Ustinina G.F. Video in language learning as a means of formation of cross-cultural communication skills

March, 2013

Gvozdova A.N. Organizational skills development pedagogical approaches the future expert for example constructors-designers

May, 2013

Pachomova O.A. Methods and mechanisms of personal development in the university area

July, 2013

Kozyreva O.A. Conceptual approaches to the development of professional competence of the master

January, 2015

Natalia A.S. Formation of the general cultural competences of pedagogical high school students by means of a foreign language

August, 2015

Shmatko M.V. The impact of social networks on the communication skills of teens

December, 2016

Likhacheva A.N. The competence-based paradigm in realization of the communicative and activity approach in teaching foreign language

January, 2017

Alekseeva M.I. Tradition and innovation in modern higher education

April, 2017

Развитие языковой компетенции: проблемы и подходы

February, 2019

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Alexander K. The structure, content and basic aspects of the formation of professional competencies of the graduates of the military institution, viewed in the context of a holistic educational process

April, 2014

Vasilenko N.V. Model development of methodical competence of teachers in terms of postgraduate education

July, 2014

Oreshechkina M.R. The study of the structure of professional competence of students - future psychologists

December, 2014

Ovsyannikova O.A. Factor analysis which determine the professional competence of students-psychologists

January, 2015

Shаma I.V. The theoretical bases of future practical psychologists' readiness to prevent and resolve conflicts

March, 2015

Tarasenko A.S. Competence and the crisis of education

April, 2017